It's all about speed and style here and the products we carry are focused to that extent.

We are your one-stop, online shop—featuring the finest products the skateboard industry has to offer at the best prices possible.

If we don't ride it, we don't stock it! Our range of products are thoroughly tested by SPEED-DEALER.CA staff to ensure we're offering the best products possible. Our thinking is that if we're not stoked, you're not stoked—and that's not acceptable.


As you can see, our online store is currently under re-construction... but we're far from out of business.

But for now, we're relying on OG mailorder style biz. Check out the in-stock PDF below for our in-stock and prices and then drop us an e-mail—we look forward to hooking you up! The in-stock file will be updated daily as needed.

Remember, if we don't have it in stock, we can and will get it for you (even if we don't normally stock it). We do special orders all the time—just e-mail us in that regard and we'll hook you up, post haste!


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